May 31, 2023

Like other bookmakers, FUN88 requires members to deposit money into their account to play bets. Fortunately, the way to deposit FUN88 is not too difficult or confusing for players. The bookie even offers players many different deposit methods at FUN88 for you to choose from. In this article, we will guide you fully on the fastest FUN88 deposit methods.
Method 1: Top up FUN88 through a local bank
Currently, this is considered the simplest and easiest way to deposit money at the FUN88 house. Just follow the instructions we suggest below.

Step 1: Get FUN88 representative bank information
Members after logging in to their betting account at the house FUN88 . You choose “Deposit” -> Here the house has prepared a lot of deposit methods for you. At this point, select Deposit using the “Local Bank” method.
The new interface is displayed, you choose one of the banks supported by the house to top up FUN88 . That’s how banks: BIDV, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Sacombank, Techcombank, Dong A Bank, ACB.

After choosing a bank, the system will display the information of the representative bank account of FUN88.

Step 2: Transfer money to the bookie’s bank
Players save the representative bank account information of the FUN88 dealer that they have taken above. Then you proceed to transfer money to the correct bank account number by the following methods:

Top up at an ATM.
Deposit money at the bank counter.
Top up using internet banking service (recommended transfer using this method).
Players after successfully transferring money to the bank account of the FUN88 house. Please save the transaction receipt information or take a photo to notify the bookie.

Step 3: Confirm successful deposit at FUN88
Members access the FUN88 deposit interface again through the “Local Bank” method above. Then you fill in the transaction confirmation information required by the house. The information includes:

Amount: The amount you have deposited into the house.
Deposit date: You enter the date of deposit to the house.
Deposit receipt: You upload the transfer invoice receipt that you have successfully done above.
Full name: You enter your name.
Bank name: You enter the name of the bank you transfer money to FUN88.
Bank account number: You enter the bank account number to transfer money to the FUN88 house.
To account: You choose the bank account of FUN88 that you have transferred money to.
Finally, the player clicks “Transfer” to complete this transaction, after you check the information, is there anything wrong? The house side will verify the information on the FUN88 deposit slip and the player’s transfer. If the information matches, the house will add money to your FUN88 account.

Method 2: Top up with F-Go . card
F-Go is a card used for players to deposit money into their playing account at the FUN88 house. So when players own this type of F-Go card, you will easily top up FUN88 by the F-Go card method as follows:
Members log in to FUN88 account -> Select Deposit -> Select method “F-GO Card”.
The new interface is displayed on the F-GO card deposit form. Players proceed to fill in the required information from the dealer. Include:
Card serial code: You enter the F-GO card serial code that you currently have.
Card number: You enter the F-Go card number corresponding to the card serial code above.
Wallet: You choose Main Account.
The player then clicks “Transfer” to have this deposit request sent to the FUN88 dealer.
Currently, F-Go cards are sold at FUN88 dealers nationwide. You can buy the card online or offline. When depositing with this method, player information is completely anonymized.

Players who do not need a bank account can still deposit money into their FUN88 account. However, the FUN88 deposit method with F-Go card will be charged. Thereby the house will deduct 15% of the value of the card loaded into your FUN88 account.

Method 3: Top up with Fastpay
Players who have a bank account can register for internet banking service. Use the Fastpay method to make transactions at the FUN88 bookie in the most convenient way.

Step 1: Enter the amount you want to deposit
Members, after logging in to their FUN88 account, select “Deposit” -> Select a deposit method by “Fastpay”.

Then you enter the amount you want to deposit into your FUN88 account. When filling in the amount to deposit, please remove 3 zeros in the last row to follow the required format of the house. Next, in the section To account: You choose as the main account.

Finally, you click “Transfer” to continue to the next FUN88 deposit step at the house.

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